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Passenger Cars

Long distance driving by using the right Engine Oils

Our passenger car oils are formulated with advanced additives and high-quality base oils, resulting in a lubricant that delivers outstanding wear protection, excellent thermal stability, and exceptional resistance to oxidation and corrosion. This means that your engine can operate at its best, with improved fuel economy and reduced emissions.

Our passenger car oils aren’t just about performance – they’re also incredibly versatile. Whether you drive a high-performance sports car, a fuel-efficient hybrid, or a classic cruiser, our oils are the perfect fit. They can handle extreme temperatures, high speeds, and heavy loads, ensuring that your engine remains protected and reliable in any driving condition.

Engine Oils for Hybrid Vehicles

Ester Technology Engine Oils

Fuel Economy Engine Oils

Full Synthetic Engine Oils

Gas Engine Oils

LCV Engine Oils (Light Commercial Vehicles)

Low SAPS Engine Oils

Mid SAPS Engine Oils

Mineral Engine Oils

PAO Technology Engine Oils

Semi Synthetic Engine Oils

Our Passenger car oils are motor oils designed for use in automobiles with gasoline and diesel engines, and they play a crucial role in protecting the engine and ensuring its proper functioning. Here are some common problems that using the right passenger car oils can help solve:

Engine wear

Our Passenger car oils contain additives that help to reduce wear and tear on the engine by providing a protective layer between the engine’s moving parts.

Engine deposits

Our Passenger car oils also contain detergents that help to prevent the formation of harmful deposits on engine parts, keeping the engine clean and functioning efficiently.

Cold-weather performance

Our Passenger car oils are designed to perform well in cold weather, allowing the engine to start easily and run smoothly even in low temperatures.


Our Passenger car oils contain antioxidants that help to prevent oil oxidation and maintain oil stability over time, which helps to extend the lifespan of the oil.

Fuel economy

Our Passenger car oils may contain additives that help to improve fuel economy by reducing friction between engine parts, which can result in improved engine efficiency and better gas mileage.

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