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Automotive Gear Oils

Exceptional Gear Oils for Optimal Efficiency and Protection

Our gear oils are carefully formulated with the highest quality base oils and advanced additives to deliver reliable and efficient performance, no matter what you’re driving or operating. Whether you’re behind the wheel of a high-performance sports car, a heavy-duty truck, or working with industrial machinery, our gear oils are the ideal solution to keep your equipment running smoothly.

Our gear oils are remarkable resistand to extreme pressure. In high-performance gearboxes and differentials, metal parts can quickly break down without proper lubrication. Our gear oils are designed to withstand extreme pressure and provide exceptional wear protection, ensuring that your equipment operates efficiently and reliably.

They can maintain their viscosity and lubrication properties even in the most extreme temperatures. Whether you’re operating in freezing cold or scorching hot environments, you can trust our gear oils to provide consistent and reliable performance.

GL-1/3 Gear Oils

GL-4 Gear Oils

GL-5 Gear Oils

Limited Slip Gear Oils

Universal Gear Oils

Zinc Free Gear Oils

Other Gear Oils

Insufficient Lubrication

Using an incorrect gear oil can result in inadequate lubrication, leading to increased friction, wear, and heat generation within the gears. Over time, this can cause premature gear failure and damage. Our products meet the proper gear oil specifications, such as API GL-4 or GL-5, provide the necessary lubrication to minimize friction and ensure smooth gear operation.

Poor Extreme Pressure Protection

Automotive gear systems, especially those in heavy-duty applications, require gear oils with excellent extreme pressure (EP) protection. EP additives in the gear oil form a protective film on the gear surfaces, preventing metal-to-metal contact under high loads and shocks. Our gear oils meet the required specifications that ensures the necessary EP protection, reducing the risk of gear damage.

Gear Noise and Vibration

The wrong gear oil can contribute to increased gear noise and vibration. This can be a result of improper viscosity or inadequate additives in the oil. Our gear oils are specifically designed for the intended application, whether it’s manual transmission, differential, or limited-slip differential, can help reduce noise and vibrations, providing a smoother and quieter gear operation.

Limited-Slip Differential Chatter

Limited-slip differentials (LSD) require gear oils with specific friction characteristics to prevent chatter or grabbing during turns. We have a wide assortment of gear oils that are formulated and approved for LSD applications, meeting the necessary specifications, such as API GL-5 LSD, helps ensure smooth operation and optimum performance of LSD systems.

Compatibility Issues

In some cases, using the wrong gear oil can lead to compatibility issues with seals, gaskets, or other components within the gear system. This can result in leaks, seal deterioration, and overall system inefficiencies. Our gear oils are mainly compatible with other oils in order to ensure smooth oil changes.

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