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Heavy Duty Oils

Rigorously tested Heavy Duty Engine Oils

Our heavy-duty oils are specifically designed to meet the needs of high-performance engines, hydraulic systems, and gearboxes that operate in the toughest conditions. From construction equipment to heavy-duty trucks, our oils are the perfect choice for those who need the most robust and reliable lubrication solutions.

One of the key advantages of our heavy-duty oils is their exceptional resistance to wear and tear. In high-performance engines and hydraulic systems, metal parts can quickly break down without proper lubrication. Our oils are formulated with the highest-quality base oils and additives, which work together to provide outstanding wear protection, keeping your machinery running smoothly and efficiently.

At Dyade Lubricants, we understand the importance of keeping your machinery running smoothly and reliably. That’s why our heavy-duty oils are rigorously tested to meet or exceed industry standards, ensuring that they provide the best possible protection for your equipment.

Agriculture Lubricants

Final Drive & Axle Oils

Full Synthetic Heavy Duty Engine Oils

Mineral Heavy Duty Engine Oils

Semi Synthetic Heavy Duty Engine Oils

Mineral-Based Heavy Duty Oils

Our oils are derived from crude oil and are the most commonly used heavy duty oils. They provide excellent protection against wear, oxidation, and corrosion. They also have good low-temperature properties, making them suitable for use in cold climates.

Synthetic Heavy Duty Oils

Our oils are chemically engineered to offer superior performance over mineral-based oils. Synthetic oils provide better viscosity control, wear protection, and resistance to oxidation and thermal breakdown. They also have lower volatility and better low-temperature properties, making them suitable for use in extreme weather conditions.

High Mileage Heavy Duty Oils

We have designed for use in engines with high mileage. They contain special additives that help to reduce oil consumption, prevent leaks, and protect against wear and tear.

Our Heavy duty oils are designed to provide lubrication and protection to heavy-duty equipment such as trucks, buses, and construction machinery, and they can help to solve a variety of common problems, including:

Wear and tear

Heavy-duty equipment is subject to wear and tear over time, especially in high-stress applications. Heavy duty oils contain high-performance additives that protect against metal-to-metal contact and extend the life of engine components.


Heavy-duty engines can accumulate deposits over time, which can reduce performance and increase the risk of engine damage. Heavy duty oils contain detergents and dispersants that help to keep engines clean and free from deposits.


Heavy-duty engines are exposed to high temperatures, which can cause oil to break down and oxidize. This can lead to the formation of sludge and deposits that can clog the engine and reduce performance. Heavy duty oils contain antioxidants that prevent oxidation and maintain the performance of the oil.

Low temperature performance

Heavy-duty equipment often operates in cold environments, which can affect oil performance. Heavy duty oils are designed to provide reliable lubrication and protection in cold temperatures, ensuring reliable engine start-up and performance.

Fuel Economy

Heavy-duty equipment can consume large amounts of fuel, which can be a significant operating cost. Heavy duty oils are formulated to improve fuel economy, reducing operating costs and improving overall efficiency.

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