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Agriculture & Farming

New generation of Lubricants & Greases for Agriculture & Farming

The Agriculture & Farming lubricant industry is undergoing a significant transformation, and the future of farming is looking increasingly innovative and sustainable. With the population growing, the demand for food is also on the rise, and farmers are looking for new and innovative ways to increase yields and improve efficiency. Lubricants play a crucial role in this transformation, providing essential support to the machines and equipment used in modern farming.

In the future of farming is the move towards more sustainable practices. This involves reducing the use of harmful chemicals, reducing water consumption, and reducing waste. Our Lubricants can help in this by reducing friction, which helps to increase fuel efficiency and reduce emissions. Additionally, many modern lubricants are formulated to be biodegradable and eco-friendly, reducing the impact of farming on the environment.

STOU Lubricants

UTTO Lubricants

Other Agriculture Lubricants

Agriculture & Farming Hydraulic Oils

Dyade agriculture and farming hydraulic oils are used for verge cutter hydraulic systems, hydrostatic and hydraulic drive systems for silage harvesters, combine harvesters and grape harvesting machined. They are also very suitable for self-propelled sprayers. We offer a wide range of biodegradable hydraulic oils, food grade hydraulic oils, high viscosity engine oils, anti-wear engine oils and several hydraulic oils for heavy duty applications.

Agriculture & Farming Engine Oils & Multifunctional Oils

Dyade offers a wide range of engine oils for the agriculture and farming sector. We offer standard agriculture & farming engine oils, fuel economy engine oils, and UTTO and STOU lubricants. Our agriculture and farming engine oils are suitable for tractors, silage harvesters, combines etc.) These engine oils are available in a variety of grades.

Agriculture & Farming Transmission Oils

Dyade provides our partners with a full range of agriculture and farming transmission oils. This includes lubricants for power shift gear boxes, variable gear boxes, automatic locking differentials, gear reducers and crusher cases. Our wide assortment of products ensures old and new agriculture and farming equipment can be equipped with the right lubricant.

Agriculture & Farming Greases

Dyade offers a wide range of agriculture and farming greases. We have over 50 different types of specialty greases, including lithium, calcium, lithium complex, calcium complex. Also we supply a wide range of biodegradable greases and food grade greases for the agriculture and farming industry. All our agriculture and farming greases are extreme pressure resistant, provide excellent mechanical and thermal stability and reduce maintenance costs.

Agriculture & Farming Chain Oils

Dyade offers agriculture & farming chain oil product portfolio offers a variety of products suitable for chainsaw chains for the lubrication of wood chainsaw chains, conveyor belts etc. All of our products reduce splattering and prevent your equipment from wear.

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