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Radiator Stop Leak

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Radiator Stop Leak

Prevent and stop small leakages in radiators

This product is specifically developed to prevent and stop small leaks in the radiator, cooling and heating system. It also stops head gasket leaks. With its anti-corrosive properties, it protects against rust and corrosion. Therefore, it will not harm rubbers hoses, gaskets or other system components. This product is compatible with all anti-freeze and coolants, also coolants with organic acid technology (OAT). This stop leak prevents clogging of radiator waterways and temperature sensors. This product can be used in all water-cooled petrol LPG and diesel engines when minor leaks are detected. If the coolant is dirty, flush the system first. Warm up the engine with the heater control in HOT position. Shake the bottle well and add this product to the cooling system via the expansion tank when it is part of the system circuit (two hoses: out and return) or directly into the radiator (single hose overflow tank). 1f required the system can be topped up with coolant. Run the engine for approx. 5 min. to circulate and stop leaks. 1 Bottle of 300ml will be sufficient for cooling systems of 5 to 12 liters.


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