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Onyx L-UHPD SAE 5W/30

Full Synthetic Heavy Duty Engine Oils

Heavy Duty

Onyx L-UHPD SAE 5W/30

Full Synthetic Heavy Duty Engine Oil

This is a full synthetic heavy duty engine oil that is classified under: UHPD (Ultra High Performance Diesel). Because of the synthetic base oil, this product has a naturally high viscosity index that ensures optimal protection against wear and ageing. This product can only be used in diesel engines and engines that are equipped with Diesel Particle Filters. This product significantly reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions and is specifically developed in order to meet the strong EUROPEAN emission regulations. This product can be used perfectly all-year round and provides easy starting properties even in winter conditions. This oil is not suitable for vehicles fitted with particulate filters. Recommended for turbocharged and naturally aspirated diesel engines.


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"People buy this product because they need a UHPD Full Synthetic Engine Oil for HD vehicles"

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