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Octane Booster

Gasoline Additives


Octane Booster

Boost the octane level with 2-5 points

This Octane Booster is developed based on the latest MMT technology. These stong additives are capable of increasing the octane level of LRP, unleaed or leaded petrol with 2 to 5 points. This octane booster lowers the fuel consumption and reduces and prevents pinging of the engine. It forms a protective layer on the valve seats that replaces the effect of lead. Because of this, this product provides a very effective guard against valve seats. Also the engine performance and the acceleration will increase. Note: This product does not contain lead components and is safe for use with catalytic converters and turbochargers. This is a once-for-use product. Please pour the bottle of 300ml into the petrol tank before filling up with new petrol. One bottle is able to treat up to 70 liters of petrol. Because of the very concentrated additive package it is not recommended to use this product in less then 30 liters of petrol as this could have an opposite effect.


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"People buy this product because they want to increase the octane 2-5 points"

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