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DPF Clean Up

Diesel Additives


DPF Clean Up

Clean the DPF without dismantling

This DPF cleaner is a concentrated additive that has been developed for diesel engines that reduces soot emissions. This product cleans and regenerates the particulate filter of the vehicle. The advantage of this product is that it reduces soot formation and clears and regenerates blocked soot filters without having to dismantle. This product is particularly developed for diesel engines that are used in city traffic that use a lot of start-stop driving. Because short distance driving does not enable the complete burn-off of soot particles, adding this product will provide the cleaning. It will get rid of the soot particles and will ensure that the combustion will be optmized and lowers the fuel consumption of the diesel vehicle. This product is suitable in diesel engines with all types of diesel particle filters. It can also effectively be used at diesel and biodiesel up to B30. Please only add this product to the fuel tank and add one bottle of 300ml to a minimum of 40L of diesel.


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"People buy this product because they need a concentrated additive to clean the DPF"

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