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Maintain the things


“We are Here, to maintain the things you value”.


“We develop and produce sustainable lubricants, greases, chemicals and additives that maintain the things you value”



“By working with a global team of specialists that value the highest care for equipment lifetime, sustainability and durability”


“Anywhere in the world where people share our values and beliefs and want the best for their equipment!”


“To ensure that people can keep on moving forward, where ever they want, whatever they do”

“We are Here!”

Welcome to Dyade. We are a team of enthusiastic, professional and energetic specialists who want to deliver durable lubricants, greases, chemicals and additives that keep the world running.

We produce, distribute and market our products from our HQ in The Netherlands. With our international network of Distributors, Agents and End-Consumers we are able to supply our products anywhere in the world.

Our vision: “Maintain the things we Value” states everything. We would like to develop products that maintain the things we as people value. This refers to our daily lives, like the use and maintenance of our vehicles. It refers our work environment, by ensuring that company equipment is maintained well. And it refers our environment, by developing biological, biodegradable, fuel economy and food-grade products.

We are proud to be able to work towards this vision and share everything about dyade lubricants. Would you like to know more about us? Do not hesitate to contact us!


We develop products to make equipment more durable

We continuously try to increase product lifetime by ensuring that friction reduction is decreased and product lifetime increased.

We develop products to ensure that ideas and visions become reality

We accomplish this by pioneering with Original Equipment Manufacturers and identify how to make new equipment & vehicles perform the best.

We develop products to make life easier

For everyone involved, we truly believe that  when all goes just a little bit smoother, we enjoy life a little bit more and can focus on the real things that matter.

Why do we believe so much in our brand?

We believe that a focus on sustainability in our sector, especially in lubricants sector is something that needs to present all the time. The idea that we would be able to change the current oil and lubricant sector to one that provides stability, equality and sustainability gave us the drive to start Dyade. And about dyade lubricants, it is a  brand that has a clear goal: Maintain the things we value. This concerns our people, our products and our environment.

We believe in our brand because we are confident that we can maintain equipment maintenance at tremendously high standards, while having an economical and ecological focus. We believe that when we build a brand that focuses on the combination between these two important pillars, we can truly maintain the things we value!

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