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Automotive Spraycans

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Suitable for extreme workload & high temperatures

This spray contains a metal-free ceramic grease, and can be used to treat parts that are liable to a heavy workload. The spray has excellent adhesion, and prevents wear and sticking of the treated parts. It protects against electrolytic corrosion. The grease is resistant to weather and chemical influences, is resistant to water, salt, acids and bases. Also, it has a high thermal stability and excellent adhesion. Because of these properties, this grease can be used in a wide range of applications: ABS brake systems, brake parts, exhaust parts, lambda sensors, screwed connections and much more. Before use, carefully read the following directions and act accordingly. The spray can should be kept and used at room temperature. The optimal use of the spray can be guaranteed at operating temperatures between 5 ¡C and 30 ¡C. Shake before use. Apply the grease with the directed jetspray. The optimal effect is achieved after the solvent has evaporated. This should take around 1 minute.


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"People buy this product to treat parts that are liable to a heavy workload."

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